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Because the details are important, we offer you  favors for all your celebrations, here some ideas.  Contact us for more details and prices.


Jumbo cupcake Candle

   Mini Cupcake Candles

Glycerin  soap

Glycerin soap is gentler on skin than most soaps, making it a good choice for people who have particularly dry or sensitive skin and for kids.

Personalized Soap Favors

We can personalized your soap favor for communion, baptism, wedding, birthday, business logo

Perfect for your next girly-girl birthday party, diva spa party, bridal & wedding  shower.

                For Baby Shower, baptism, welcoming baby.

Cold  Process  Soap

Handmade soap pack.

The pack include your choice of our handmade soaps (100gr.), 
wrapped inside a clear cello bag, tied with raffia or ribbon. 

Other colored ribbons may be available, please email us.

Price: 1 soap pack, $6.00 each. More than 15 packs $5.00 each.

Price: 2 soap pack, $11.00 each. More than 10 packs $10.00 each.

Price: 3 soap pack, $16.00 each. More than 10 packs $15.00 each.

Minimum order 2 packs.

Click here for check  our available soap: Handmade Soap

Soap  Sampler
A very good choice for enjoy a colorful soap assortment for travel,

 special guests or a party favor.

Approx 100gr total.

Castile Olive soap range is very gentle for kid's skin, or hyper sensitive one, with anti-oxidants and moisturizing properties that help skin protection. Castor oil It has natural emollient properties that adds conditioning qualities to the soap and creates rich, dense and thick bubbles. It helps to keep wounds clean and regulates the circulation in the skin, supporting healthy skin regeneration. 

Ask availability.

Click here for check our Pure & Simple Castile soap line.

Spa Salt Soap

Sea salt soap cleanse, detoxify and draw toxins out of the body. Sea salt, by nature is grainy and therefore makes for a great scrub, when showering or bathing with it, sea salt increases blood circulation and allows for the skin to soak in the ingredients from the soap more effectively . Bring the ocean to your shower for a relaxing and nourishing moment.

Ingredients: Mediterranean Sea salt, Pink Clay, Dried rose petals. Essential oils Palmarosa and Geranium. 

An elegant and original favor for wedding shower, bridal shower or baby shower.

Theme  Favors

For a funny and unique party.

Star Wars

Sea Monsters

Space Theme Party. $2.5
Little stars.

Include cello bag, ribbon and personalized label.
Color and fragrance of your choice.
Approx. 50 gr.

Spa  Party 1

Spa des pieds

Mini set for help to moisturize your feet and soften rough skin.

Contains 100gr Milk foot soak and glycerin loofah soap.

Spa Party 2 

1 Heart glycerin soap ( 40 gr.)

1 Bath fizzy bomb with mini glycerin soap embedded (40 gr.)

Girly Girl Party

Folded paper pouch. Fill it with your favorite Sayab goodies.

In the picture, the pouch contains a 100gr handmade soap and a washcloth.

Colors may vary.

Send me an email for more information


Eco-Friendly Party

If you have a special event coming up like a wedding, a shower, anniversary party or whatever and want eco-friendly favors these are great.  We have Vegan soap too.

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